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Miles was a lucky cat. It hadn’t always felt like he was lucky, though . . .

Miles was a lucky cat. One day, when he was only a kitten, he got lost in the woods. . .

Miles was a lucky cat. Then when Miles was only three, his luck seemed to run out. . .

Miles was a lucky cat. Life was good . . . until he got stuck up that tree.

Life was good in France. Now Miles is flying to America.

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What People Are Saying About Miles’ Books:

"Your books were GREAT hits with all your little fans…and their parents! They were thrilled." - Bev Geltner, Ann Arbor, MI

    "My grandson, Stephen, adored the books about Miles and was thrilled to meet the cat. He is a kindergartner and was almost able to read the first two pages without help, he was so eager.

    His sister Alexa was a first grader when she received the first book about Miles for Xmas. She unwrapped it and sat under the tree and read it aloud from beginning to end, without hardly taking a breath and oblivious to all other presents awaiting to be ripped open. Only two words were slightly difficult: blurry and squishy. The text is just perfect for kids that age to read by themselves. The illustrations are charming, a great book for kids." - Janine Easter, Ann Arbor, MI

“Sandy, I just got the Miles books and want to let you know how charming it is. I love the story and the pictures. I can't wait to read it to my kids. Great Job!” - Jenny Fair, Michigan

    “What a wonderful book you've written. ... We’ll keep it as a treasure. Thank you so much.” - Dennis Pisula, California

“Books arrived today; Miles is great!” - Mary Jane Cross, Connecticut

    “My co-worker's little seven and a half year-old daughter simply ADORED reading about Miles, and took the book to school to share with her classmates immediately. Guess I couldn't have given her a better gift!” - Winnie Northcross, Michigan

And more from Jenny:
Hi Sandy, I just wanted to let you know that I read your book to my class yesterday and they really loved it. They listened well and compared their own pets to Miles. They were really happy that it had a happy ending for Miles.. . .  Keep up the good work.”

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