Miles the Cat Meets Einstein

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Miles Einstein Cover

Miles the Cat Meets Einstein
by Sandy Schopbach  







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8 " x 5 "



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Miles was a lucky cat.

One day, when he was only a kitten, he got lost in the woods. A kind boy named Jeff came along and found him. Jeff took the kitten to a place with lots of bright lights where they were making a film.

And then Miles got a new home.

That’s what happened to Miles in his first adventure, Miles, the Very Lucky Cat. Now more adventures are in store for him. And they involve a big ginger-and-white cat named Einstein, who isn’t pleased to see a new kitten move in. It’s a lively story about making new friends, and how it isn’t always easy. An adventure for children aged 3 to 7 that may help them when they, like Miles, have to move to a new place and meet new people.

With original illustrations by Hosanna Wieczorek.

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