Miles & the Day the Firemen Came

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Miles & the Day the
Firemen Came

by Sandy Schopbach  







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8 " x 5 "



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Miles was a lucky cat.

When he got lost in the woods, a kind boy named Jeff found the kitten and took him to a place where they were making a movie and then took him home. Though the house cat, Einstein, didn’t like sharing with Miles at first, the two became friends and ended up having fun together. And when Miles fell out of a window and broke his leg, a kind veterinarian fixed him up as good as new. Life was good... until Miles got stuck up that tree.

In this fourth adventure of MILES THE VERY LUCKY CAT, the black-and-white Parisian cat goes on vacation to the country, back to his roots on the farm... sort of. And he loves it! Until his curiosity has him climbing a tree and then too afraid to climb back down!

Written for ages 3-7, it’s an adventure where Miles needs some help in his predicament.

Illustrations by Hosanna Vivas.

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