Miles and the Big Fall

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Miles and the Big Fall
by Sandy Schopbach  







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8 " x 5 "



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Miles was a lucky cat.

One day, when he was only a kitten, he got lost in the woods. A kind boy named Jeff came along and found him. Jeff took the kitten to a place where they were making a movie, and then took him home. There was already another cat named Einstein living there who didn’t like to share with Miles, but after a while they made friends and ended up having fun together.

Then one day, when Miles was only three, his luck seemed to run out.

In this latest adventure of MILES THE VERY LUCKY CAT, the black-and-white Parisian cat gets too curious about pigeons and falls out the window. He ends up at the vet’s to have his broken leg set and learns a bit about medicine. Written for ages 3-7, the story is a colorful way to acquaint children with doctors and hospitals, and to help them overcome their fears.

Illustrations by Hosanna Wieczorek.

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