Photo Exhibits


The Old Swimming Hole

Opens Thursday, June 23, 2011
Runs through August 15, 2011

Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Sundays

Salem–South Lyon District Library
9800 Pontiac Trail
South Lyon, MI   48178

Read more about the exhibit in the Observer & Eccentric (click here).

In an interview, Robert Doisneau said, "I am photographing little scraps of time."
Unlike Doisneau, my photographs reflect the timelessness of France, rather than little scraps of it. I remember vividly standing below a fresco in a tiny church in the Loire Valley. It stood at a crossroads of eight houses and a café; that’s all there was to the village. The church was designed by an Armenian master builder who walked there from Armenia. When it was consecrated in 805, Charlemagne stood and marveled at its golden mosaic. Almost 1200 years later I stood in that same spot and marveled at what was left of it. 1200 years! That’s a lot of scraps of time.
Perhaps because I come from a country only a few centuries old, I’m fascinated by the bits and pieces of France that underline the passage of time. Especially as so much has changed since I first moved to Paris in 1968. The scenes in my photographs are bottles cast into the sea of history, bringing a message - not of far-away places - but of far-distant times. Times that speak to us through a beauty that transcends the passing of the years. They are glimpses of what people long-passed thought was beautiful, or important, or cherished. And perhaps reminders of what links us to a world that has disappeared.

Sandy Schopbach leads a double life. Half of it in France, where she has worked as a translator, interpreter, tour guide and freelance journalist. The other half in the States, where she works as a court interpreter and also managed the Bird of Paradise jazz club here in Ann Arbor for a number of years. She has written five children’s books about Miles and Einstein, the cats who shared an apartment in Paris with her and her children.
    Schopbach’s photography of France has been in several exhibits, and some is included in her photo book, Paris in Quotes. She is currently working on a second photo book on France and on a book about buying her home in Paris.

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