Paris, in Quotes

by Sandy Schopbach      







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A refreshingly innovative look at Paris as you may never have seen it.  152 full-color original photographs by Sandy Schopbach, a long-time resident of the City of Light, illustrating quotes on Paris by famous writers, philosophers, diplomats, movie directors and musicians.  Includes an introduction on the Paris of the Sixties as well as a Who’s Who of the people quoted.

Available through this web site at books @ and at select bookshops, including:
Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
The Book Beat, in Oak Park, Michigan
and Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France.

Excerpt from Paris, in Quotes (from the introduction)

    My second "home" was a tiny garret room under the roofs of Paris in a very upscale area near the Eiffel Tower. In spite of the ritzyness of the apartments below me, up here in what had been maid’s quarters and was now student housing, there was only cold water - one spigot out in the hall. Farther down the hall, the toilet: a W.C. la turque, which translates as a hole in the floor and a flush that, if you weren’t careful, washed your shoes. There was also no lightbulb inside, but you did have a great view of the top half of the Eiffel Tower.

What people are saying about Paris, in Quotes

“Thank you so much for PARIS IN (WONDERFUL) QUOTES. It's a beautiful book and a very impressive collection of photographs. The front cover is especially striking.” - Margaret Holley, author

    “Such amazing rich color!” - Doug Hagley

“The book is wonderful. [Those] pictures are the essence of Paris.” - Mary Jane and Bart Stuck

    “Absolutely breathtaking photos. Simply beautiful.” - William Swor

“I’m just stunned by its intensity and beauty. It’s all there: point of view, composition, layers of meaning. Each photo has a story to tell. It’s really a wonderful work.” - David Koether, photographer

    The last pages, telling who the authors of the quotes are, was an
    inspired idea."
    - Margie Smith

You did a great job with the book. Only trouble was, it brought tears to my old eyes. You have done all us pats and expats a great service with this work of love.” - Mark Clifton

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