What's So Special?

What makes my tours stand out?

First, they are tailored to fit your interests and lifestyle. Of all that France has to offer every day, I pinpoint the sights and events that suit you.

We travel at your speed, whether you’re a browser or a speed demon.

My trips are not tourism for the masses. I take a maximum of 6 people - not 56. There are no tour busses where you lose your individuality, not to mention 15 minutes getting on and another 15 minutes getting off. You won’t be taken to souvenir shops in cahoots with the tour guide or to restaurants where you have a choice between only the chicken and the steak.

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You will experience the France that is fading fast into the past, with its cuisine and personalized hotels, the France that may not be in the guide books. No MacDonald’s or Holiday Inn; you could find that anywhere. I work only with restaurants where the Natives eat, and with small traditional hotels, whether simple or luxury.

Sure, you could do this yourself. Pore over maps. Argue over which turn to take. Struggle with the language. Wear yourself out before you even get to your destination.

Or you could let me create the tour for you. Drive you around. Be your interpreter.

Just let me know your dates and the areas you want to visit:

  • Paris only;
  • Paris-based with day trips;
  • Paris + regions,
  • or regions of France without Paris.

I’ll work with you personally to make sure this is a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Services include:

  • Accommodations to suit your tastes: small hotels in Paris; bed-and breakfast, manors, or even a castle in the countryside -- all with charm and full facilities.
  • A selection of restaurants with gourmet cuisine, both French and foreign.
  • Inside information on museums, entertainment, day trips, etc..
  • Low-cost travel reservations inside France (train, plane, rent-a-barge for canal trips).
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