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u Paris   u

Every city has its own special flavor. Capturing that flavor means leaving the tourist bus behind, learning the little stories that make up the city’s history, capturing its mood, seeing the city as those who live there see it.

Paris is a patchwork of cities. Each neighborhood has a story to tell, hidden corners to discover. Don’t miss that experience.

There are buildings of all ages for history or architecture buffs, and a museum for every art style from the Old Masters to Picasso and beyond. The curious can explore the catacombs or tour the sewers, travel the canals from the Seine to the Science Museum and even out to the countryside. Shopping comes in all colors and prices, from the Flea Market to 18th century “galeries” or the new mall under the Louvre. For dinner, enjoy fine French cuisine at restaurants that serve only cheese or offer menus featuring four desserts, each with its own wine.

Notre Dame

u The Loire Valley  u

In the 14th and 15th centuries, when most of France was in English hands, the Loire Valley was still French. The king and his court took up residence on the banks of the graceful Loire, building some of the most magnificent castles ever erected to Man’s glory.

Many sit surrounded by waters that frame them in their own reflection, such as Azay-le-Rideau, Le Plessis-Bourrť or Sully. Some stand out in splendor against the dark green of a forest, such as Ussy, Chaumont or Chambord. Some nestle in the heart of the city that gave birth to them: Blois, Amboise, Langeais. One, Chenonceau, even stands astride the river, spanning the water and the ages.

Tour this historic region by car, bicycle or even hot-air balloon. Explore caves, picnic along the river, taste the local wines. No road maps or phrase books to worry about. Just sit back, enjoy the view and listen as your personal guide gives you insight into the region’s history.


u Other Favorites   u






Basque Country

Prehistoric Caves & Ancient France

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