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"Parisians hear it so often that it's become a cliché: "Montmartre, c'est un village". But it is true that Montmartre has somehow remained a little world apart, up on its hill with its steep staircases lit by old-fashioned street lamps and its narrow, winding cobblestone streets. ... There is still a feeling of Old Paris here, accompanied by the strains of accordion music in the streets and restaurants." - Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Paris

Located in the historic heart of Montmartre, this 494 ft2 one-bedroom apartment is a shelter from the noise and bustle of the surrounding city.

010 HibiscusSmClick to enlargeDown the street is the Bateau Lavoir, where Picasso, Braque,    Van Dongen, Juan Gris and many others once lived and painted.  Around the corner are the only two remaining windmills of the hundreds that once covered the hillside.
One block down the hill is the main shopping street for fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, wines and cheese galore, or even Chinese delicacies and Italian food products.

The building dates from the late 19th century, when Montmartre was a village separate from
Paris.  The neighborhood is totally safe, and the door has a digital code for even more security.

The apartment is fully furnished and equipped with all modern conveniences.  The large living room is flooded with light from its all-window southern wall, as well as a large skylight. The floors are tiled and accented with Persian rugs. Outside the windows are a garden and small patio, complete with trees and ivied wall. Inside there’s an antique ceramic fireplace that’s the envy of all the antique dealers.

011livingroomviewClick to enlarge 009livingroomClick to enlarge 018LivingRoom_4Click to enlarge 010livingroomClick to enlarge
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Off the living room is a small but efficient fully-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator/freezer, 4-burner gas cooktop and a state-of-the-art combination convection oven/microwave.

017Table_on_PatioClick to enlarge

The carpeted bedroom, with its double bed,  is also off the living room, and has its own window onto the garden.

Bedroom 3 smClick to enlarge

"We loved your apartment, so airy and light, large, warm and bright! The quilt was a super bonus, and the garden, of course. Your impatiens were just finishing the week we were there. It's got a great location too, only a few blocks from all kinds of bars and restaurants, shopping, good carryout, convenient buses."
        - Lane & Susan Trubey, Azores

016bathroomClick to enlarge
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Past the bedroom is a full bath with a large bathtub and a handshower, as well as clothes closets. The windows also look onto the garden

"You have an absolute jewel of an apartment in a great spot in Paris."
     - Fran Alderson, London

"Thanks so much for the use of your INCREDIBLE apartment. What a charming little place. We are all sad to leave it and Paris. Montmartre was a perfect base of operations."
   - Maggie Maclachlan, Ann Arbor

Perfect for two, with room for up to four!

001rueravignanClick to enlarge

Warning:  Montmartre is the highest point in  Paris, and it’s all up-and-down the hillside.  You’ve seen that in photographs by Brassaï or in the movie “Amélie Poulain”.  Although the apartment is on the ground floor and all on one level, the neighborhood is full of stairs.  There is, however, a little bus that runs back and forth through the area every 15 minutes and there’s a stop “at my altitude”, so you can avoid the stairs if you want, especially if you have lots of shopping to carry. 

I only tell you this because I wouldn’t like you to have an unpleasant surprise if you have knee or heart problems.  But remember:  we have old people living up here and they do quite well!


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